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Free IIS -, Apache - Log File Analyzer for Windows

  • Understand what happens on your webserver.
  • To explore your iis, apache web log files offline.
  • Investigate hacker attacks.
  • Check good and bad bots access.
  • Very helpful tool for beginners.
  • For small and medium projects.
  • For Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • Language: english, german.

For IIS - and Apache - Log files

IIS -, Apache - log file analyzer for common, combined,
combined + Port + Cookie format.
Infos about apache log files formats see at Apache log files documentation.
Infos about IIS log files formats see at IIS Log File Formats.

main form of the analyzer for iis and apache log files

Filter your data

Get quick infos about search, ads activities. Filter all data by ip, url, useragent, query, referer and status. Find 404 - status codes to find broken links. Exclude Ips etc. for future imports.

Import by including, excluding only what you need

Because a logfile contains a huge amount of data, you have the possibility to make a preselection. To find out which pages are called by bots or not, you can include or exclude bots.
If you run an IIS web server, search for .php calls, or if you are running an Apache web server, import .asp calls to find a hacker attack.

import form of the 'Site-Logfile-Explorer'

Get a summary by days

Check, when and how often bots visit your site.
Find out, which sites are never called.

summary form of the 'Site-Logfile-Explorer'