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Tutorial: Form 'Explore Log Files'

Shows the form 'Explorer' from the logfile explorer

Please import some log files to use this form.

For a better overview, not all existing columns are displayed:

 - Line numbers: the line no in the log file.
 - Date: Date of retrieval.
 - Time: time of the call.
 - IP: IP of the caller.
 - Url: the page called.
 - Method: the access method (GET, HEAD or POST).
 - Cookie: used cookie.
 - UserAgent: browser with operating system.
 - UserQuery: search string of the user.
 - Referer: the previously visited page.
 - Status: the HTTP status code (eg 200, 404 etc).
 - Port: the server port used when calling (Normal 80, 443 at https - call).
  - Bytes: number of bytes transmitted.

Filtering below: enter text in the input fields for the corresponding columns,

- Form Settings:
- Edit Hit Filter.
- Hide Help Buttons: Hide and show the help buttons.

- Hits Buttons:
'All': Shows all imported data

'Search': Shows hits created by search engines.

Displays matches created by advertisements. You need a parameter
to identify (for google Adwords: search for 'auto tagging', 'url tagging').
See Form Settings 'Edit Hit Filter'.

'Intern': Shows internal hits.

'Other': Shows direct hits.

- Summary Button:
Get a summary by days.

- Line list:
Click the column headers allows sorting the list.
Right-clicking on column entries allows more options.

- Filter:
To analyze your log files, filter all data by ip, url, useragent, query, referer and status.